From objects of design to order to elements of architecture and structural pieces.
INNTEC has the experience and ability to meet your designs.


For coatings, facades, ceilings and lattice work, Accoya® technology wood, with a 50 year warranty, is an ideal material for weatherproof structures and is the choice when aesthetics and low maintenance are important. Dimensional stability, non-absorption of moisture, and its non-toxic material status, as well as being inert to micro-organisms and termites, are the keys to a reduction of costs throughout the life cycle of these products.


Beams and pillars of laminated wood are products for structural and decorative use. Made with wood pieces glued together, highly resistant to mechanical stresses and adverse weather conditions. Straight or curved elements, allows to construct complex structures of great beauty.

Radiata Pine Laminate, structural quality. For aggressive weather and climates, Accoya® Wood laminated beams with 50 year warranty. Noble and natural material. Excellent mechanical properties, seismic resistance, thermal, chemical and excellent resistance to the action of fire.


Our Accoya® wood windows, with a 50 year guarantee, are of European design, German hardware, Italian varnishes, seals and double glazing. Our wooden windows stand out for their beauty, harmony and durability, that is our commitment.


In our wooden floors, the resistance to traffic, the flexibility in the designs, wide and long of the staves, as well as the low heating with the solar radiation, are its advantages. Dimensional stability allows the construction of a velodrome as a dance floor in the open. Accoya® wood does not contract or dilate.