Accoya is solid wood, but not as you know any wood. It is the wood of the XXI Century.
It is molecularly modified by an “Acetylation” process patented by Accsys Technologies of the Netherlands. Tiente guarantee for 50 years against rotting and twisting for uses to the intemprerie under any weather. It does not require varnish.


Accoya® provides exceptional durability, surpassing the best tropical hardwoods, maintaining over the years the beauty of traditional wood.

50 year warranty for outdoor use on ground level and 25 years under ground and under water.

Exceptional durability, inert to moisture absorption, does not rot, does not attack termites, does not require varnish. Does not contain any toxic chemical elements.


Accoya significantly reduces the movements of Contraction and Dilation that traditional wood has.

This results in very stable structures, in doors and windows with precision closures, working perfectly throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

The maintenance costs are reduced dramatically as it does not require varnish or oils as protection elements.
In case of using varnish, the film will last more than twice the time given the physical stability of the surface


Our raw material and inputs come from sustainable sources, with FSC Certification and well managed.

Manufacturing processes are non-toxic and our products add LEED Certification points.

At the end of the useful life, our wood can be used as bio-fuel.